‚Äč Burnt Store Road Widening Project




From Diplomat Parkway to south of Tropicana Parkway, permanent Road Closures Beginning July 9th. 


Motorists should be advised that certain streets currently intersecting with Burnt Store Road may no longer have direct access to the roadway. Side streets will need to be utilized to access the new Burnt Store Road mainline. 


Beginning July 9th, the following streets will be closed permanently on the east side of Burnt Store Road:


NW 7th Terrace

NW 9th Street

NW 9th Terrace


The following road will be closed temporarily until May 2019 on the east side of Burnt Store Road:


NW 5th Terrace


On streets where the connections will be closed, cul-de-sacs or three-point turnarounds will be implemented. These features will be designed to allow turnarounds by garbage services, emergency services and commercial vehicles.